Neil Young - Keep On Rockin' In The Free World

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I am so happy that you posted this. I have been trying to get it on youtube and they always take it down immediately.

Just like theazel says, "the greatest rock performance of all time"! I remember being on the couch when this came on. I was already pretty far gone but this (and the Needle) put me over the edge.

I have this video on my desktop and whenever someone talks about a concert performance of some kind, I always ask them if he wants to see the "single greatest rock performance of all time." If he says yes and if I think he can handle it, I will proceed to blow his mind with it.

By the way, I just saw Jordan on the drums in a video with the Dead and Fogerty. Too weird. Jordan is awesome in this as well.
By mansiononthehill last year
I like when he tries to kick him in the ass. You don't see enough ass play in rock videos.... Meanwhile, NY is the one really kicking ass.
By Thomas Ungvarsky last year
This is the greatest rock perefromance all time.
By theazel 3 years ago
By canistrellu83 5 years ago

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